Intercooler Core - RZR XP Turbo 2016-2020

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If you are looking for more performance from your Polaris RZR XPT then a must have upgrade is the K&T Performance Intercooler Core. The factory intercooler core is prone to cracking even running in stock conditions. Start adding some performance upgrades and sure enough you'll find the weakest link. Trust us. We build some of the fastest, highest performance RZRs you can find which results in breaking a number of factory parts. If you want the best quality parts then you are looking FOR MUCHMORE POWER. This Intercooler has been approved by The Best Of The Dessert Race Circuit.

Key Intercooler Core Points:

  • Superior Heat Rejection, Minimal Pressure Drop
  • Vacuum Brazed Aluminum Core
  • Tested from stock XPT to Garret GTX Turbo upgrade running high boost
  • 100% Made in the USA