Carrillo Rods - RZR XP 1000

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These are ready for what ever you can throw at them.

-The strongest rod available anywhere.
-Includes ARP 2000 bolts.
-Recommended on big bores over 96mm.
-These rods are over 20% lighter than your stock rods.
-Carrillo rates these rods at 250hp per rod.

Carrillo makes many styles of rods. These are the top of the line model which is as strong and light as it gets. They are rated at 250hp per rod. That is 500hp between the 2 of them. We have never seen 1 break. For this reason this is the only rod we sell. The amazing part is while being much tougher than the stock rods they are 125 grams lighter per rod. That is over 20% lighter than the stock rod. This makes a huge difference on bearing loads and response. If you are building your engine this is what you want to use for the foundation. Pair these with some CP pistons for the ultimate bottom end.

-Stock RZR 1000 rod weighs 546.7 grams
-Carrillo RZR 1000 rod weighs 421.3 grams